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Most Reliable Repair iPhone 4S Malaysia and Skilled Technician
The iPhone 4S has a significantly swifter processing capability which allows it to manage the most intense multitasking. The concern of lag is removed with the new iPhone 4S.

Users of iPhone 4S do go to for help in addressing their problem gadgets. This is apparent proof that we provide the finest in our services. The specialists in Apple devices have been there since the company commenced so they have all the technical knowledge to manage your iPhone 4S.

If your iPhone 4S requires a replacement part of some sort or other, relax knowing that we at only practice the use of premium genuine parts for all repairs and replacement. We absolutely do not deal with any counterfeit parts as we realize they will not do the job as proficiently as the genuine Apple components.

An enormous 90-day warranty is offered along with all repairs and replacements made on your devices. If, after sending in for fixing, the device continues to give problem, the warranty allows the customer the choice of sending it back in for a more detailed review or ask for full reclaim.

We are also the one firm that has an unparalleled turnover time in the whole of Malaysia. We highly regards its clients. The technical specialists of aims to mend and give back the iPhone 4S to their users inside an hour of receiving it.

At the same time, the firm exercises eco-friendly procedures. One of the examples of its green concept is the just about no use of paper. Instead of paper, information are entirely typed into our computer system and formal statements are delivered by e-mail to all customers who have the alternative to print them out.

Do come to our shop either in eCurve, Petaling Jaya or the Village Mall, Sungai Petani whenever you are looking for a company to effectively restore your iPhone 4S.

Our technical specialists will ensure that your iPhone 4S is given back to you as good as new in the fastest time possible.


Qualified Repair iPhone 5 Malaysia
Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5 has made big waves again in this world.The unit's amazing elegance, bigger monitor and faster operating power make it much more appealing to people.

Having said that, like every electronic gadget, it develops technical problems after some time and this is where owners start looking for people who are able to fix it. Why not take a look at the website and find out what we have to offer? You won?t have regrets. Our staff of professionals have pioneered the servicing of Apple merchandise and they will proficiently take care of your iPhone 5. We can boldly claim that there is no issue too serious or too minimal for our experts to take care of.

And we would like to give assurances to those who require new components for their gadgets. uses nothing except for high grade authentic parts. Because we wants all the iPhone 5 its technicians restore to give the top-rated function, it makes sure that each replacement part it has is entirely original.

One more good news is that the firm's normal after-repair warranty period is 90-days, considerably more than the regular 30-day warranty that other companies provide. If your problematic iPhone 5 persists even after repairs, the warranty entitles you to take the device back to us for a more thorough examination or you have the choice of getting a total repayment from us.

All of our clients are highly prized. Unlike other firms, we are in a position to offer you the best turnover time attainable. The moment our technicians get hold of your iPhone 5, they will perform an in-depth examination, repair the unit with utmost expertise and have it given back to you within the hour. Yes you heard me, 60 minutes!

We also observe an environmentally friendly approach for our organization. We do not utilize any type of raw paper. All details are recorded into the company's computer system and formal invoices are e-mailed to customers who can print them out if they require to.

Why not pay us a visit at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or the Village Mall, Sungai Petani when your iPhone 5 is in need of repairs.

Believe us when we declare that your satisfaction is indeed assured!


Leading Repair iPhone Malaysia and Qualified Technician
The world is yet again being captivated by Apple Inc.'s latest creation, the iPhone 5.The stunning elegance, larger display and swifter processing power make it even more alluring for anyone and everyone out there!

Nevertheless, like any electronic device, it develops technical problems after a while and this is where owners begin searching for people who are qualified to fix it. Just log on to and be impressed! Your iPhone 5 will be taken care of by our technicians who have been specializing in the repairs of Apple products since the start. We are certain that no technical trouble is impossible for our professionals to handle.

If you are anxious about components, we have some good news for you. We only uses top rated genuine replacement components. Our parts are all totally genuine as we value value over quantity to provide the finest efficiency after fixing your iPhone 5.

While the majority of other Apple service agents give a 30-day after-repair warranty period, let us blow you away when we say that our company's default warranty period is 90-days. If your problematic iPhone 5 continues even after repairs, the warranty allows you to bring the device back to us for a more exhaustive scrutiny or you have the choice of receiving a 100 % refund from us.

All of our customers are greatly valued. We can supply the speediest turnover time compared to many other firms. Once your iPhone 5 is given to us, our experts will examine and figure out the actual issue, fix it competently and give it back to you in just 60 minutes. Yes you heard me, 60 minutes!

Our firm also observes green approach. No kind of raw paper is used. Rather than documenting on paper, facts is logged into computers and rather than printed-out bills, clients will get them through e-mail.

So if you find that your iPhone 5 is in need of fixing, take it down to us either at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani where we will look into it and promise you a worthwhile restoration.

Trust us when we say that your satisfaction is indeed assured!